Our holistic healing and wellness fairs are held throughout Wisconsin in many communities to bring hope and healing to those in need.  One of our goals is to bring local practitioners to the holistic fairs to showcase their modalities. These fairs take place in their community to the many local guests and to expand their client base to many new and traveling guests.  Frequent vendors have found a wider range of clients as a result from participating in our events. We spotlight our new vendors to the entire team so they feel more comfortable being there. Vendors often give pointers or suggestions to improve the success of the events for everyone. 

We personally try not to duplicate certain services to make each event unique. We have a marketing team that is always open to new and expanding opportunities to grow our guest base. 

We strive to meet the goals of each of our vendors and guests as they arrive. 

Each holistic fair is showcased by experienced and seasoned gallery speakers. Each event highlights four (4) additional training sessions throughout the day which is included in the $5 admission. The first 25 people in line receive a gift bag with goodies from all of the participating vendors.  

We will continue to modify and update our business strategy to improve our events and make them a family experience.