Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair
Ironwood, MI

July 27th, 2024


Located at: Pat O’ Donnell Civic Center
E4972 Jackson Road
Ironwood, MI 49938

$5 Entry- Free Gift Bags to the first 25 guests.
2 Gallery Events ($25 each) & 3 Free Speakers!

Want to guarantee your seat at the Gallery with Debbie Strait or Amy Montalvo? Order online using the button below!

Gallery Session with Debbie Strait & Gallery with Amy Montalvo

11:00 AM -12:00 PM- Gallery -$25

Debbie Strait

Deb was born with natural clairvoyance, giving her the ability to connect with the other side.  Deb can read a room within seconds , getting messages from the other side along with the ability to pinpoint who the recipient should be, and who the messages are from! She speaks with your Guides, Angels and people who have crossed over to aid you in your spiritual journey of healing and self discovery.  Deb’s psychic abilities have been described as “just plain creepy accurate”!!  

***Limited Seating- Not Everyone guaranteed a reading**

1:15-2:15 PM
Amy Montalvo- Gallery- $25
Psychic Medium

Amy Montalvo of Rainbow Soul Readings is a Psychic Medium that invites spirit to help folks grow through guidance. Amy also looks at past lives to discover where a person may have brought forward themes that need to be healed.
***Limited Seating- Not Everyone guaranteed a reading**

Our Vendors

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