Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair – Stevens Point, WI

March 4th, 2023


Located at: Holiday Inn & Convention Center
1001 Amber Ave. 
Stevens Point, WI 54482

$5 Entry- Free Gift Bags to the first 25 guests.
Gallery event ($25) & 4 Free Speakers!

Want to guarantee your seat at the Gallery event with Jena Biermann? Purchase your tickets below!

Our Gallery Speaker

11:00AM -12:00 PM- Gallery -$25

Jena Biermann
Psychic Healer/Reiki Master Teacher
Peering into Past Lives”

In this gallery, attendees will get a glimpse into some of their many past lives. Jena Biermann will read members of the audience’s Akashic Records and give details about past experiences. Attendees will also have the opportunity to view their own Akashic Records firsthand!  By examining past lives, we can begin to uncover the root causes of health, relationship, financial and other life difficulties. Find out soul level information and have fun learning more about yourselves!
***Not everyone is guaranteed a reading. No experience needed. Attendees can book a one-on-one session for healing of their past lives. **

Our Vendors

(Vendor list is updated weekly so check back often for new vendors!)