Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair
Rothschild, WI

October 28th, 2023


Located at: Central WI Convention & Expo Center
10101 Market Street
Rothschild, WI 54474

$5 Entry- Free Gift Bags to the first 25 guests.
Gallery event ($25) & 4 Free Speakers!

Want to guarantee your seat at the Gallery event with Jamie Houk? Purchase your tickets below!

Our Gallery Speaker

1:00-2:00 PM- Gallery $25

Jamie Houk
Psychic Medium
Jamie from Indigo Seeress is a Psychic Medium with a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. Over the last seven years she has learned to blend both worlds. She connects with spirits that have passed on while passing on messages that are needed to be heard that can provide understanding, comfort, and closure. Often times spiritual beings such as Starseeds come through with general messages for everyone present which creates a unique experience
********Seats are limited. Not everyone is guaranteed a reading***********

3:15-4:15 PM- Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities with Sound Healing! $20  

Debbie Strait

Group Sound Healing Session with Shamanic drumming and Crystal sound bowls, raises your body frequency to promote healing. Our renowned Psychic Medium Master Healer of Refined Divine will be leading the healing session. These sessions have been described as life changing ! You won’t want to miss this!  

Our Vendors

(Vendor list is updated weekly so check back often for new vendors!)

Sandy & Dale Pocernich- Healthy Life Coaching LLC (doTERRA Essential Oils, iTovi scan, BMI Scan, and so much more)

David Stika–  readings, aura photographs

Debbie Strait- Psychic readings, energy healings, crystals, jewelry, journals, oracle cards, palm readings

Samira Dennis- Aries Witch LLC (Tarot readings and Aries Witch merchandise)

Stacey Boehm & Kris Rangel- The Enchanted Reading Specialists (mediums, reiki healers, soul coaches)

Tosha Link- Mystical Link LLC (Intuitive Tarot readings)

Jamie Houk- Indigo Seeress ( psychic/medium readings), necklaces and intention items

Tracy Peterson- Modern Alternatives LLC 

Jessica Rattanasena- Charmed Moonchild Emporium (crystals, oracle/tarot cards, jewelry)


Heather Carmona– The Meditation Experiment (astrology birth charts and readings, home decor & jewelry)

Samantha Anderson- L’BRI Pure n’ Natural Skincare 

Tatiana Katara- Psychic readings & guidance from the spirit

Tami Zempel-  Stone Library LLC (rocks, gems, minerals, custom made jewelry, handmade wood stands

Omar Nelson – Reiki

William Atkinson- The One Shop LLC (crystals, wellness products, handmade goods, local art)

Hollie Masanz- Holistic Modalities (Reiki and Aromatherapy)

Lily German- OM Gaia Creations (crystals, minerals, witch kits, jewelry and more)

Travis Hoppa- StoneAge Gem Mineral & More LLC- (minerals, crystals, jewelry)