Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair
Rochester, MN

June 15th, 2024


Located at: Rochester Eagles Club
917 15th Ave. SE
Rochester, MN 55904

$5 Entry- Free Gift Bags to the first 25 guests.
2 Gallery Events ($25 each) & 3 Free Speakers!

Want to guarantee your seat at the Gallery with Debbie Strait or Will Atkinson? Order online using the button below!

Gallery Sessions with Debbie Strait & Gallery with Will Atkinson

11:00 AM -12:00 PM- Gallery -$25

Debbie Strait

Deb was born with natural clairvoyance, giving her the ability to connect with the other side.  Deb can read a room within seconds , getting messages from the other side along with the ability to pinpoint who the recipient should be, and who the messages are from! She speaks with your Guides, Angels and people who have crossed over to aid you in your spiritual journey of healing and self discovery.  Deb’s psychic abilities have been described as “just plain creepy accurate”!!  

1:15-2:15 PM- Gallery $25

Will Atikinson
Spiritual Mentor
During this session, I will be bringing you messages from your guides and angels after using Crystal Singing Bowls to take you into a meditation which helps with re-aligning your energetic field and also assisting in releasing energies that we’ve held onto for too long. Sound Healing has been used for centuries and here for YOU today.
***Limited Seating- Not Everyone guaranteed a reading**

Our Vendors

(Coming Soon!)


Darlene LeMay- Southern Mystic (spiritual bath salts, tarot cards, jewelry, crystals, stones, sage, smudging tools, intention candles, and Metaphysical products)

Sandy & Dale Pocernich- Healthy Life Coaching LLC (doTERRA Essential Oils, iTovi scan, BMI Scan, and so much more)

Debbie Strait- Psychic Medium readings, energy healings, crystals, jewelry, journals, oracle cards, palm readings

Tatiana Katara- Psychic readings & guidance from the spirit

William Atkinson- The One Shop LLC (card readings, sound bowl healings, chakra alignment)

 David Stika- Aura Photographs 

Faye Engler- Faegms (Sterling Silver and semi-precious stone jewelry)

Patsy Harvey- The Paisley Crow (handmade crystal bracelets and necklaces)

Amy Montalvo– Rainbow Soul Readings (Psychic mediumship, energy healing, ancestral healing)

Ellie Cowan-Bovitz- Love Your Path (Reader, Healer and Body Work)

Marva Becker- Lifewave (non-transdermal, body light and heat activated Stem Cell activation patches)

Mark Hanson- Maker’s Way Healing (Energy Healing & Intuitive Readings)

Rebecca Erickson- Intuitions (empath, intuitive, medium, tarot readings)

Patrice Lardie- PL Originals (handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings made from sterling silver, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls)


Tammy Llyod- TJ’s Arts- Pour Art Artist working on canvas, jewelry, keychains, and bookmarks)

Sabina & Jarek Myszka- Oily Temple & Healing Arts LLC (Reiki Energy Healing, Psychic Readings, Starseed Activations, Soul Activating Artwork, Emotional Healing Guidance Literature, Smudge Sprays, Roll-Ons, Greeting Cards, Mugs)

Omar Nelson – Reiki

Stephaine Polenz- Intuitive Stephanie (intuitive messages)

Rochelle Cooke- Finding Ascension (Usi Holy Fire Reiki Healing Sessions)

Karen Johnson- Generations Nature Walks and Storytelling

Dawn Schulze – In Good Spirit LLC (Intuitive psychic readings, tarot, mediumship, healing touch energy healer)

Terri Peterson – The Connecting Spirit Corp (Conscious Breath & Wellness Coaching), breath readings, breathing tips

Jeff & Tiffany Bjergum- Live Good (Health & Wellness Products)

Cara Schulz – The Flower Pot (Natural Products)

Johanna Jones – The Golden Key (readings)

Michelle Scherdin – L’BRI Pure n’ Natural Skin Care 

Heather Carmona- The Meditation Experiment (Astrology Birth Charts & Readings)